CST Reviews

  • The CST RESP was an invaluable source of financial support for me throughout my four-year undergraduate degree. If not for CST Sales Representative Emmy Kulai, who introduced my parents to the CST RESP Plan, my parents and I would have had much greater strain and stress around financing my education. Emmy provided essential information for maximizing the benefit of the program for my education and also provided continual guidance to my parents to make the process simple - we could not have asked for a better representative! Having applied for and been awarded one of ten CST 2014 Graduate Awards to help finance my further education, I feel even more grateful for the benefits of taking part in a CST Plan. Financing one’s education can be a smooth process with the help of CST!

    Roopa Suppiah
  • “Almost 50 years ago, I read something about the Canadian Scholarship Trust in the newspaper and decided to investigate. I invested some money for my daughter, and some three years later, for my son. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to. MY daughter attended two universities in two countries over six years and my son spent six years in two universities. CST did everything they promised to do.

    The 2008 meltdown had almost no effect on the CST bottom line. Being with CST was the right place to be."

    Robert Westland, CST Customer
  • “Although I worked part time to meet my living expenses, the financial security that the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan gave me meant that I could take periods of time away from work when my studies and extra-curricular involvement became busy without worrying that I would run into difficulty with my payments to UBC. The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan took much of the financial stress out of my education, which meant I could focus on doing well in my studies and furthering my personal development through volunteer and extra-curricular activities.

    Thanks to the Gladys Neale Award from CST, I have been able to accept on campus residence at the University of Toronto, which means I will be living close to my classes and the resources I need to conduct my research.”

    Ardith Bailey, CST Beneficiary and past winner of the Gladys Neale Award.
  • “As a medical researcher who spent 13 years in training, I understand the financial challenges students encounter. I’ve seen many colleagues abandon their dreams due to the escalating costs of their education. We’re confident that investing in a Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan will be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our daughter.”

    Laurent Azoulay, CST Customer
  • “Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans are a safe and effective way to save for post-secondary school. Our three children have all graduated now, and when my grandson was born recently, one of my first calls was to my CST Consultants sales representative to set up a plan for him too”

    Seymour Moskovitz, CST Customer
  • “I do not believe my undergraduate education would have evolved in the same way without the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan. The invaluable academic and non-academic experiences that I gained with the help of CST have positioned me to pursue my ambitions.”

    Jamie Huckaby, CST Beneficiary
  • “My parents saved up with CST so that when I was ready for university the funds were there. Because my parents did it for me, it’s something that I want to do as well for my kids.”

    Mike Rand, CST Customer and Beneficiary
  • “I am convinced that this investment in my education will be of great benefit to not only myself but to all those whom I am able to touch through my studies and my work. One day when I build family of my own, I will certainly consider investing in a CST plan for my children so that they too can reach their potential and pursue an education with minimal financial worries.”

    Maria-Hélèna Pacelli - CST Beneficiary

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