CST Reviews

  • I'm so glad I choose CST for this long term saving. It did help me to make early arrangement for my kid education expense. Consultants provided me professional knowledge and so efficiency service.Thank you very much !!

  • My experience with CST has been excellent. Well informed managers and consultants, excellent plan performance even during economic down terms and not to mention the added benefit of extra money from accounts that were prematurely terminated. The 4 year EAP payments were more than expected! I’m very glad we decided to go with CST for our RESP plans.

    David M. Hill
  • The best company that I dealt for my child’s RESP. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and all the procedures were easy to follow and they did exactly what they said.I would recommend them anytime.

    Shyrose Lalji
  • Excellent experience. We paid into child’s RESP for 16 years. CST was always available to answer questions. When our daughter was accepted to university and it came time to cash in our investment ...it was very easy. Money was literally deposited into account within 2 days. I’ve had friends/coworkers who had terrible experiences from other companies. CST Plan performance was excellent and they were always upfront with how the investment process worked. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    Angie P
  • I would suggest that all families need to really think hard about their children’s education. I have seen tuition get more and more each that when the kids finally finish school they are so far in debt it doesn’t help when they also need to start looking at their future. I started my granddaughter’s educational fund with cst when she was a week old. She is now 14 and is thinking about what she wants to do and what to take in college or university. The consultant that came to see me was very informative and helpful. I’m just really glad I did it!

  • Very well managed plan to secure funding for your kids college education. Definitely recommend parents of young kids to look into it and start saving from today. I'm glad I started early.

    Muhammad Chaudhry
  • I am glad i invested in CST. It was well worth it in the end. Thanks to the supportive telephone representatives and Karen Placey for signing up our family 20 yrs ago.

    Veronica W
  • Always up front when setting up account/plan. Never pressuring but definitely giving good advise. And now that the kids are in post-secondary it's great to have the funds to help them (grants from the government help too)

  • My experience with CST is second to none. As someone who works in both the Financial Services industry and higher education, I know a thing or two about investments and RESPs. Quite simply, RESPs are every other financial provider's "side business". They are generally not equipped and don't care enough about RESPs and helping prepare for your child going to university. CST is focused on this market and does an exceptional job. I could go on and on about the quality of the advice, the excellent (and industry-leading statements), great customer service, and proactive communication/payment. Our daughter just started University and the process for payment was smooth -- it was just as easy to use and understand the benefits, as it was to sign up. I highly recommend CST to anyone with a child that wants to save for university.

    Richard Seres
  • Saving with CST was the best and helpful decision I've ever made to help my children for their University/College tuition. Otherwise, I will not be able to save it on my own by just leaving my savings in the bank. Much thanks and I wish the company more success, growth and more parents/children help save for their future.

    Almarie Mas


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